Mold Testing and Inspection

Wing Three has long been a local expert in mold testing and inspection in the Midwest.

If you discover mold – or what looks like mold – in your home or business, we will inspect the affected area along with the surrounding environment and let you know exactly how we plan to eradicate it. Even if you don’t see mold but notice a musty odor, we can still help track down the root of the problem.

Wing Three will thoroughly inspect areas where mold is suspected and provide a detailed proposal that explains the scope of work required to remove the mold. We will also work with you to address the root cause of the problem, so that the mold doesn’t return in the future. That said, testing is not always necessary, especially if the discoloration or what appears to be microbial growth is clearly visible. Where obvious mold is present, we often suggest bypassing the testing phase so you can put those dollars directly toward the remediation instead.

Testing may be necessary depending on the situation, and we are fully equipped to sample a wide variety of mold types. One example of when testing might be necessary is if a doctor requests an air quality test in order to better diagnose or treat a patient who is suffering from symptoms that could be caused by exposure to mold.

Wing Three offers free visual mold inspections and fast and friendly service to resolve all of your commercial and residential mold problems. Contact us today!

Mold Inspections, Mold Removal


Get a risk-free mold evaluation from Wing Three. If we find any mold in your residential or commercial property, we will provide a free estimate for cleanup and remediation.

Buying or selling your home or business? Take care of mold problems now with our no-obligation inspection!

Mold testing, mold Removal


If you are concerned about a specific type of mold or want to know about potential health hazards, Wing Three’s mold testing service delivers peace of mind.

Our comprehensive mold testing reports provide the information you need to begin resolving your mold infestation.

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Mold removal


Has water damage left a tell-tale musty smell? Have strange spots started appearing on your walls or ceiling? We’ve got you covered.

Wing Three has over two decades of experience in mold removal and remediation, and our work comes with an unbeatable 15-year transferrable warranty.