Asbestos Removal: Commercial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos In your Commercial or Industrial Property? Wing Three Can Help.

Regardless of the size of your property or severity of your problem,

Wing Three can handle any commercial or industrial asbestos removal job. We are state licensed and state certified, which means we have the training, equipment, and experience to get the job done properly—while following safety regulations to the letter

Asbestos can be found in a number of commercial or industrial properties and materials. Asbestos might be in your office, warehouse, tunnel, boiler room, crawlspace, and/or attic. Asbestos can be found in wall insulation, vermiculite, tile and tile mastic, linoleum and adhesive, drywall, flue packing, roofing materials, transite panels, siding, window glazing—and more.

We offer:

  • 20 years’ experience inspecting, testing and removing asbestos
  • Fast, thorough, safe results
  • State-certified asbestos inspectors
  • State-licensed asbestos removal
  • We get the job done right the first time—every time.
  • Any size commercial or industrial asbestos abatement job

With over 20 years of experience handling commercial asbestos abatement from start to finish—Wing Three is your trusted, local source for efficient and effective commercial asbestos testing and removal. We have the expertise, equipment and education to help with all your commercial or industrial asbestos problems.

  • ASBESTOS INSPECTION: FREE visual inspection, comprehensive evaluation and accurate work estimate. State certified and state licensed.
  • ASBESTOS TESTING: Approved and proven methods of testing before and after remediation to ensure air quality.
  • ASBESTOS REMOVAL: Complete, safe asbestos removal and abatement services.

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Free Asbestos Inspection


Protect your business – and your bottom line – by dealing with your asbestos problem before it becomes deadly serious.

If you have asbestos in any sized commercial or industrial property, call Wing Three today. We’ll provide fast, reliable service. From inspection to cleanup, we’ll make sure your asbestos problem doesn’t endanger your workers and become an expensive legal headache for you.

Asbestos Testing


Are your workers exposed to deadly asbestos? Get asbestos testing today.

Ignoring an asbestos problem can create consequences for your business. Asbestos poses serious health concerns for your workers and your business. Asbestos litigation is becoming more common as workers exposed to their employers develop life-threatening conditions such as respiratory asbestosis and mesothelioma.

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Asbestos Removal Experts


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Wing Three’s professional expertise ensures that your commercial or industrial asbestos remediation is done right. We’ll remove every trace of asbestos and leave a safer, healthier environment for you and your employees.

Call Wing Three to get started today! Get your FREE visual inspection, asbestos evaluation and estimate.